Economic and Governance

At Davivienda we live our principles through adequate environmental, social and governance management in the development of our strategy. Prioritizing the most important issues for the sustainability of the business.

Sustainable Finance

Green Lines: Financing with Environmental Benefit
Through our green credit lines we promote sustainable development by financing energy efficiency projects, renewable energy, cleaner production, sustainable infrastructure, electric and hybrid vehicles, green mortgages and sustainable construction.

The generation of savings, financing, payments, investment and insurance products and services, with incentives and added values specially designed to effectively contribute to the transformation towards a sustainable economy.

In 2021 we continued to strengthen our environmental and social credit lines in the countries where we have a presence, with a portfolio share of 9.3%. As a result, in 2021 we financed COP 11.1 trillion in sustainable projects, an increase of 8.1% over the previous year’s results.

Our goal is to continue providing sustainable solutions to our clients and strengthening their skills and ours, while generating positive impacts; one of our most relevant goals is to achieve a 30% share of our portfolio in sustainable financing by 2030, and by 2022, to achieve a 9.9% share.

In Colombia, total portfolio balances corresponding to green or environmentally beneficial financing reached COP 1.7 billion, and in Central America USD 229 million.

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Renewable energy: We participate in the financing of projects for the generation and use of solar, wind, biomass and other sources of non-conventional renewable energy

Energy efficiency: We support the construction of companies and communities that are friendly to the environment through the financing of equipment and infrastructures that contribute to the efficient use of energy.

Sustainable construction: Como As leaders in financing in the construction sector, we support our clients in the development of projects with sustainable construction certification.

Sustainable infrastructure: We support projects that provide well-being to the communities, carrying out infrastructure works to mitigate the environmental risk of the region and promote its progress.

Cleaner production: We promote the mitigation of environmental risks in the life cycle of the processes, products and services that we finance.

Green mortgages: We promote housing projects, both VIS and higher than VIS, with certification in sustainable construction

Electric and hybrid vehicles: We promote the use of electric and hybrid mobility among Colombians, generating familiarity with the technology, the use of clean energy and promoting environmental sustainability.
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Social Lines: Financing with Social Benefits

As part of our social credit lines, we have focused on closing gaps for first-time homebuyers through mortgage credit for low-income housing (VIS), including our line with focus on women, as well as the SMEs Women line, already present in Colombia and El Salvador. Total portfolio balance corresponding to social financing in Colombia reached COP 8.1 billion, and in Central America USD 91.8 million.

Social Housing

We actively participate in the Government’s social housing programs, supporting the dream of home ownership.

Social Housing for Women

We support Colombian women to fulfill their dream of owning their own home. We have disbursed 12 thousand loans for an amount of COP 674 billion.

SMEs Women

We strengthen and support women owned SMEs. We have disbursed 8 thousand loans for an amount of COP 291.4 billion.


For Davivienda it is a priority to promote the growth of the agricultural sector; in 2021 we had a growth in our portfolio of 16% over the previous year, to close with a balance of COP 5.1 trillion.

Responsible investment
We believe in responsible and sustainable investment, and our ambition to continue betting on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) criteria are fundamental to comply with our Sustainability strategy.

That is why we have a Responsible Investment policy where we recognize that the environmental and social dimensions are crucial in the sustainable development of companies and the welfare of the community, shareholders, employees and customers.

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In 2021, we achieved the following results with our two investment products with ESG criteria

  • Global Sustainable Portfolio grew by COP 49 billion during the year to COP 64 billion and 2.7 thousand participants.
  • Global Equity Portfolio achieved a growth of COP 36 billion, to reach COP 69 billion and 5.2 thousand participants.

Sustainable Funding

External management of resources with financial incentives, with the purpose of financing activities or projects with environmental, social and governance benefits.

Green Bond
The Green Bond we issued in 2017 for COP 433 billion and a 10-year term, has financed 48 housing, healthcare, hotel, shopping mall and office projects advanced by our Constructor and Corporate banking clients. These projects have obtained or are in the process of obtaining LEED or EDGE sustainable construction certifications.

Social Bond Gender Focus
The issuance made together with IDB Invest in Colombia for an amount of USD 100 million in 2020, has allowed us to strengthen the offer for women. At Davivienda we see opportunities to close gender gaps through the design of inclusive products and services that help women achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

In 2021, we strengthen and support SMEs led by women. We have disbursed 8 thousand loans for an amount of COP 291.4 billion.
We support Colombian women to accomplish their dream of owning their own home. We have disbursed 12 thousand loans for an amount of COP 674 billion.

Corporate Governance

From the integral management of our sustainable strategy, we promote actions that strengthen the organizational culture, through a governance model that ensures the opinion and participation of all our stakeholders.